Crane and Rigging

The Crane & Rigging discipline is where we started. Our Journeymen operators are leaders in the industry and have the ability to safely execute your lift.

We take great pride and joy in the planning and execution of your jobs. The more complicated or seemingly difficult the challenge, the harder we will work to ensure your project is completed in a quick, safe and efficient manner saving you time and money.

We won’t just give you a crane, we will supply you with right people on your site.

Some of the industries you will find us in

Roofing & Building Supplies

McIntyre provides multiple services to roofing and building Contractors & Suppliers. Picking up and delivering ISO, Rolls, Metal cladding, tiles, equipment and everything in between.

We save you time by completing the pickup, delivery, with optimal site placement of your supplies to keep your project efficient and on time.

We also provide full service for shutting down lanes & streets.

Concrete Form Work

McIntyre has the experience you require to successfully rig and hoist your structural concrete formwork project from start to finish. We have worked with some of the top companies using Efco forms, Peri Forms, and Doca Forms.

McIntyre has rigged & hoisted the formwork for bridge structures, Elevator shafts, Stair shafts, Decorative finish walls and standard slab walls. You know how important the correct crane and rigging is to successfully pull your forms and keep your crew safe, why leave it to an amateur?

Call McIntyre for a free quote for your next project and make it a safe one.


McIntyre thrives on challenges, and you know their many challenges when you need to replace an HVAC unit. We have come up with many solutions to the issues faced by our clients. Together there is nothing we cannot achieve. Our Cranes have great lift and reach potential, some also capable of towing a trailer to pick up and deliver your units.

Our Crews are willing, cooperative and experienced in HVAC change-outs.

HVAC Rollers

McIntyre provides a Jack & Roll service for HVAC units in those seemingly impossible locations. Now you can confidently bid on those jobs with the upper hand on your competition. Our cost effective method of moving these units hundreds of feet have helped dozens of clients successfully complete their projects. Saving them every step of the way.


We pick up, receive, store and transport your HVAC units to site safely and on time. Our boom trucks have deck space to P&D the smaller units, such as a 5-ton, to site then crane into place. We also dispose of the old units in an environmentally conscious manner according to government regulations.


Powerline Contracting

McIntyre specializes in catering to Powerline Contractors. Our experience in this industry has allowed us to become a trusted name in Transmission and Distribution Construction and maintenance. We take great pride in our equipment and the service we offer. We become part of your team from the assembly, setting, stringing to tying in. With McIntyre, you not only get a crane and operator, you get a team of professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We understand the importance of timeliness, safety, environmental policies and restrictions and governing trade regulations. We have in place our own systems and policies to address these as they arise to keep you moving forward with your project. We do our best to stay a step ahead to save you time and cost.

Hot Work

We plan our work then work our plan! Planning is integral when working around live lines. McIntyre works with you to plan your work, solve your challenges and accomplish your tasks.

High Reach

We all know it takes a special touch to operate fully extended with a two-stage jib deployed and 2 people in the man basket. This is where we really shine! Our units are set up for finesse operations to ensure the safety and confidence of our clients. As part of our training, we put our crane operators IN the man basket so they can feel and experience what it’s like at the other end. McIntyre provides closed frequency radio for communication between the lineman and operator.


McIntyre takes pride in being prepared for all conditions. From tire chains and tow rings to tools and spare parts. Our specialty units come with lighting for night work, pre-heaters inverters and onboard air for repairs and maintenance. All units are dispatched with rigging, tire chains, and extra pads to ensure a proper set up in the toughest conditions.

Oil & Gas | Coil Tubing

McIntyre has always specialized in developing, and optimizing Crane & Rigging Solutions. We extend that into the O&G Coil Tubing world. If you need a trusted name to assist your coil crew in reaching those long horizontal wellbores we are the partner for you. We work to increase both Safety and Efficiency.

Not everyone can step onto a well site and become integrated members of your crew, but McIntyre will work with you every step of the way.

Communication Towers

McIntyre has successfully assembled, disassembled and transported multiple communication tower projects. A large part of mobile communication infrastructure is planning, the other part is execution whether it is being installed or removed. Our experience will help you start to finish, taking the stress and work off your employee’s.

Steel Erection

When you’re 50 feet up connecting steel, exposed to the weather and you need that next piece to come in smooth, level and in short order it’s our goal is to become your Crane & Rigging solutions provider of choice.


Our team is dedicated to ensuring everyone goes home as well as they got there that day. Our total focus is on the task at hand. Our practices & procedures for safe crane operation focus our attention on the importance of the details in your job.

Emergency Response Plan

Our staff is trained to assist in Your ERP from fall arrest to rescue. We are part of your planning team.

Proper Equipment

The right equipment for your task is our priority. We ensure our cranes are operated inside their limits to keep them operating safely day after day.