"Your Partner in Hoisting"

We use best practice methods to safely and efficiently move heavy loads from point A to B. Whether it’s in Calgary, across Alberta and Western Canada, craned up to the roof, rolled across the floor or stepped up a staircase.

McIntyre Crane & Rigging Ltd. was
founded in Calgary in 2010 by Dallas McIntyre.

The McIntyre name is on every
company crane for a reason: to
demonstrate that every client will receive our full attention and top-level service.

While good equipment is important, good people are essential – and we believe McIntyre Crane’s people are among the crane industry’s best. They’re thoroughly trained and intimately familiar with the crane and rigging equipment and will be there to help with your crane needs.

Crane and Rigging

Crane and Rigging

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The Crane & Rigging is where we started. Our Journeymen crane operators are leaders in the industry and have the ability to safely execute your crane needs. We would like to be your partner for your Calgary Crane Services needs.

  • HVAC / Sheetmetal / Mechanical
  • Roofing & Building Supplies
  • Manufacturing/Fab/Welding
  • Communication Towers
  • Powerline Contracting
  • Oil & Gas – Coil Tubing
  • Pilings & Foundations
  • Concrete Form Work
  • Modular Buildings
  • Process Control
  • Sea Containers
  • Steel Erection
  • Lift Station

Specialty Transportation

Specialty Transport

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Let us be the turn-key solution for moving your equipment and take your worry away. No matter the size or weight, we will plan the route, acquire permits, and get your product where it needs to go safely.

  • Heavy Haul
  • Over-sized Loads
  • Material Delivery
  • Crane

Industrial Moving

Industrial Moving

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Moving an entire facility or purchased some equipment at an auction? We provide full rigging, packaging & transportation services. Planning is key and it’s where we shine.

  • Specialty & Custom Rigging
  • Industrial Shrinkwrapping
  • Power Stair Climber
  • Jack & Roll
  • Skid-Steer
  • Transport
  • Forklift
  • Cranes

Our Crane and Rigging Equipment

Picker Truck

A quick lift crane. This crane is perfect for HVAC units, and smaller equipment. We can lift haul and transport, bringing your equipment where it’s needed and then use our extensive selection of cranes to place it.
Great for your smaller crane needs.

50ton Manitex Crane

The Manitex 50110SHL crane; Excellent taxi crane with huge capacity in a small package. 110’ live boom and 49’ jib gives you 165’ crane lift height. Manitex 50155 SHL is a favourite amongst Transmission Powerline and Communication crews with 155’ of live boom plus 49’ jib gets a man basket up to 205’ effortlessly. Great for your bigger crane needs

100ton Grove All Terrain Crane

One of the most versatile cranes, its 4 axle steering makes the unit nice, short and able to squeeze into the tightest places. Good heavy lifting crane up close, or able to reach the highest points or farthest spots on your project!
Great for your large crane needs.

200ton Demag AC160-2 Crane

This crane boasts 210′ live boom plus jibs and inserts. We are very excited to have this crane serving our clients! Great for your bigger crane needs

Custom Crane Lift Plans With Industry Leading Software

We use state of the art crane software to plan out complex crane maneuvers to ensure the best and safest possible lift.  There are no jobs too big for our cranes.  Sometimes jobs can get complex and extensive planning is needed to make sure the job is completed safely and without incident.  Our crane software helps us develop custom crane plans to ensure success.  Your crane needs are met and the job will get done 100% safely and to your satisfaction!

Your Crane Needs Service Area

We have been serving Alberta and Western Canada for over 10 years.  Wether your are in Fort St. John British Columbia, Port Nelson Manitoba, Yorkton Saskatchewan, Fort McMurray Alberta or Calgary we can help you with your crane needs.

Health & Safety

Safety is paramount to everything McIntyre Crane does. From our Job Assessments, Maintenance Programs & Employee training we pride ourselves in crane safety and  being your partner in creating a safe work-site. We meet or exceed all crane safety requirements to ensure your crane needs are met safely. 

We have obtained membership in industry leading partners to ensure our customers can have the comfort of knowing they are dealing with an industry leading company.

We are your partner in safety!!

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What to look for when hiring a crane company

As we move through this interesting period of Covid lockdowns business is still moving ahead.  The construction industry is still moving ahead and government stimulus packages are going to ensure a busier time moving forward.  McIntyre crane services many industries including Roofing and building, construction and concrete, infrastructure, power line, HAVC, Oil and Gas to name a few.  These industries

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200 ton Crane removes cell tower. Calgary, Alberta

One of the hazards of doing Crane work in Calgary or anyplace in southern Alberta is dealing with storms. While using our 200 ton crane to remove an old cell tower a huge storm started to roll in.  Following safety protocol we ended up having to lower the crane boom for the duration of the storm and continued with the

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